Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you teach younger students?

Yes, I have worked in local schools as a music teacher, and as a teaching assistant, which has given me lots of experience working with young people of all ages. I would be happy to teach students of 5 years of age and above - for more information simply get in touch.

Do you teach beginners?

Absolutely, I take students from beginners upwards - so even if you have never played the guitar before I can help you get to grips with the instrument.

Where are you based in Rotherham?

I teach all my guitar lessons from dedicated teaching space on Morthen Rd, Wickersley, Rotherham, S66 1EU. It is a fantastic location to learn to play the guitar, with all the equipment we need for our lessons. My full teaching address will be provided upon booking your first lesson - you can click on the map below to bring up my rough location on Google Maps.

Guitar Lessons Rotherham Map

Do I have to do grades?

Not at all, many of my students simply learn for pleasure. I do offer grades for those students who are interested.

Do I need to own a guitar before I start?

Not at all, though buying one after a few lessons is certainly advisable so you can practice at home. The article about Music Shops in Rotherham will help you to find a place to buy yourself a guitar.

Can I learn only acoustic/electric guitar?

Yes, I teach both acoustic and electric guitar styles, as well as some classical guitar so no matter what your musical taste I have the right lessons for you.

What songs will we do during our lessons?

That is totally down to your musical preferences. I am keen to create specially designed guitar courses for each one of my guitar students to ensure that they learn through playing the music that they are passionate about. Indeed, it is this passion that will help them practise as they will be playing the music that inspired them to pick up the instrument in the first place.

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