Famous Bands from Rotherham

Famous Bands from Rotherham

For our students here at Guitar Lessons Rotherham, we like to look to local musicians who have gone on to become famous in the music industry as an example of what you can do with your music. We always find that students relate better to those musicians who come from the same area. Rotherham has a great selection of musicians to choose from who have gone on to have very successful careers in music, and especially for guitarists, Rotherham has a wide pool of talent.

Christopher Wolstenholme (Muse) is better known as the bass guitarist for alternative rock band Muse. Before moving to Teignmouth at a young age where Muse would later form, Wolstenholme was born in Rotherham. To this day he remains an avid supporter of Rotherham United FC. Although known for his talent on the bass guitar, having been named best bassist of all time by Gigwise, Wolstenholme will sometimes be seen playing guitar in the band, as well as the keyboard. He is known for his love of rock music, which he brings to Muse. Indeed his fellow bandmates have admitted that he is the one that brings the rock to the band.

Nick Banks (Pulp) is a drummer in band Pulp, which he joined in 1986 after seeing many of their performances in Sheffield and considering them his favourite band. He was born in Rotherham in 1965 and has remained in the area, for he now lives in Sheffield, a short drive from Rotherham. When he joined Pulp, it was just 8 years after the band’s initial formation in Sheffield. Despite this, it was not until the mid-1990s that the band truly achieved success with the release of His ‘n’ Hers. They then went on to have a string of top 10 hits in the UK. Although Banks is still a member of Pulp, these days he also plays in Sheffield’s Everly Pregnant Brothers.

Jo Callis was born in Rotherham in 1951 and has had an impressive music career in the punk genre since 1977, playing guitar in Edinburgh’s punk rock band The Rezillos, post-punk band Boots for Dancing and The Human League. Callis also released some solo material in 1981 before joining the Human League. Callis is credited with writing many of his various bands top hits, including Top of the Pops for Rezillos and The Human League’s Heart Like a Wheel. Although he left The Human League in 1986, he has returned to the band on many occasions to help with songwriting and occasionally to play the keyboard.

Bring Me the Horizon is based in Sheffield, a short drive from Rotherham, although most of the band’s members lived in the Rotherham area at the time of the band’s formation. They formed in 2003 and are considered to be a metalcore band. Although their early music has been described as deathcore, their more recent work sees them experimenting with a less aggressive rock sound. Indeed their third album sees the influence from classical, electronica and pop genres, which expanded their international reach. Their first album was received critically, and it was not until their second album when they were recognised as the creative force they are. Their fourth album received silver certification in the UK. 

Photography: Christian Bertrand

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