Guitar Lessons in Rotherham

Guitar Lessons in Rotherham

I pride myself on my friendly and warm guitar lessons, taught at my dedicated teaching space on Morthen Rd, Wickersley, Rotherham. For beginner students, during our first lesson, we will have a relaxed discussion about your musical preferences, what you would like to achieve with your guitar playing and what to expect from lessons. We will then start to explore the guitar, learning about the guitar itself to familiarise yourself with there instrument. From there we will start learning some basic guitar riffs, all part of a foundation guitar course that I take my beginner students through.

For more advanced guitarists we will explore your current playing, identifying areas of your playing that you would like to improve upon and start building a course around this - whether it is soloing, improvisation or a better grounding in guitar technique or music theory. I also look at 'alternative' techniques to help improve more advanced guitarists to hone their guitar ability.

I am also a teacher that has taken many of my students through graded exams if they are interested. These have huge added benefits, especially for younger students who can use the graded exams to gain extra UCAS points to enable them to get into the university of theirs. However, many of my students also learn guitar for pleasure so I have many guitar courses that are not built around grades.

I teach a wide range of different ages, with students ranging from age and above. There is no upper age limit so no matter what your age or musical background I have the guitar lessons for you. To book your first guitar lesson simply get in touch.

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