Music Shops in Rotherham

Music Shops in Rotherham

After a few lessons with us here at Guitar Lessons Rotherham, you may decide to invest in your own guitar. With such a wide array of guitars to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to start. And Rotherham certainly has some fantastic music shops which offer guitars and accessories, so here at Guitar Lessons Rotherham, we’ve put together a list of our favourites for you to choose from. So no matter what you are looking for, be it an acoustic classic or a loud electric guitar, there will be something for you.

DL Guitars opened in 2009 and has been the place to come in Rotherham for your guitars ever since. The store has a wide range of both guitars and accessories on offer, so is able to cater to all styles and genres of guitarists. They have a range of top quality guitars, so you know that you will get a decent quality guitar from the shop. But it is not just guitars and accessories you can purchase here, they also offer various services in store, from servicing to setups. And with staff who have a wealth of experience in and knowledge about guitars, you know your guitar will be in safe hands. DL Guitars is located in the heart of Rotherham on Wellgate, S60 2NE.

Rockem Music has a huge range of anything you could need to take your guitar playing to new levels. They stock a wide variety of premium quality branded guitars, from Fender to Yamaha, which come in at a range of prices, so there will be something for everyone no matter what your budget. So whether you are an experienced guitarist looking for that one special guitar to explore new sounds, or a beginner looking for a more budget-friendly guitar to practice your guitar playing, Rockem Music can cater to you. With a wide variety of used guitars also for sale, the shop is especially great for beginner guitarists who may not be too sure on what style will compliment their guitar playing. Rockem Music also has a wide range of amps and guitar effects so you can make your guitar playing as unique as possible, and as great as possible. The shop is based centrally in Rotherham on Canklow Road, S60 2JB.

The Music Box may be located a short drive from Rotherham in Meadowhall, but it is well worth the visit if you are looking for a shop with a fantastic range of guitars and knowledgeable and friendly staff to help you get the right guitar for you. The guitars on offer are all reasonably priced, making The Music Box a great option for those guitarists on a budget. But budget guitars does not mean a limited range of low quality, for The Music Box stocks a wide range of acoustic, electric and classical guitars. Therefore no matter what your guitar playing style, The Music Box will have a guitar for you. And to truly take your guitar lessons to the next level, the shop also stocks a wide array of tab books covering all styles and genres, so no matter who your favourite guitarist is, you can follow in their footsteps with your own guitar playing. And with a repair service also available, there is no reason not to visit The Music Box.

Electro Music has been in the industry since 1982 and was opened by musicians (including a guitarist), so you can guarantee that you will find staff with the knowledge and experience to help you get the right guitar for your guitar playing needs. The shop may have grown in size since its inception but the great customer service and range of top quality guitars remains. And you will certainly find everything you need at Electro Music to release your inner guitarist, with a vast range of guitars in various styles, as well as amps, guitar effects and various accessories to truly get your guitar playing sounding fantastic. The shop offers part exchange and used guitars for sale, so whether you are looking for a replacement guitar or are a beginner guitarist looking for their first guitar after a few lessons with us here at Guitar Lessons Rotherham, Electro Music is a great option. 

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